The staff of the Department of Health Policy and Management has a portfolio and experience of publications in various international reputable journals. We have featured journal publications in The Lancet, the British Medical Journal, BMC Public Health, PLoS One, and various other reputable journals at international and national levels. We have research experience on many topics in the field of health policy and management. Our staff, Professor Laksono Trisnantoro researched a lot about strategic policies in the health sector, socio-political scope to implementation. Professor Adi Utarini examined the health service quality policy and joined the national Quality Framework team in formulating the direction of the quality policy going forward. Professor Ali Ghufron Mukti is a Health Insurance specialist in our Department with experience in formulating Universal Health Coverage policies in Indonesia. Dr. Yodi Mahendradhata is an expert in the field of implementation research, with a track record of collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) especially for tropical diseases and infections.

Our primary research activity is to encourage evidence-based policies (evidence based-policy). Our track record in a variety of strategic research can be seen on a variety of large-scale research projects. At present, our staff is involved in the World Mosquito Program research project, an initiative for dengue elimination in Indonesia innovatively and naturally. Through the Wolbachia bacteria that are bred in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, dengue spread can be inhibited naturally. Our staff also manages strategic funds for capacity development through DFAT (Australia) funding in the Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI) project which is sheltered by the Center for Health Policy and Management (PKMK). The KSI project aims to develop the capacity of policy research to encourage evidence-based policies. Besides, through the Netherlands Government’s competitive grant scheme for education (NUFFIC), the Center for Health Financing and Management Policy (KPMAK Center) received a five-year fund (2014-2019) to develop research capacity in the fields of financing and health economics.


PKMK has grown over the past 20 years to become one of the leading centers in Indonesia with excellence in the realm of health policy and management. In addition to making various efforts to strengthen health policy and management capacity in Indonesia, PKMK has also developed various media knowledge and information about health policies and management to be accessible to the public. Research and analysis were submitted to policy actors ranging from the capital to remote areas in Eastern Indonesia. PKMK has partnered with international institutions such as CIDA and AusAID / DFAT to provide collaboration platforms for health policy researchers. However, our work is not done yet. Indonesia’s health system still faces many challenges, and PKMK intends to continue the mission to overcome these challenges through strengthening the health system in Indonesia. More information visit:

The Center for Health Insurance Financing and Management Policy (KP-MAK Center) Faculty of Medicine UGM is a Study Center at the Faculty of Medicine, Public Health, and UGM Nursing which has a focus on the issue of Health Financing and Health Insurance Management in Indonesia. The KP-MAK Center has more than 15 years of experience in conducting scientific studies, consultancy, and working with policymakers at the local and national levels in the development of evidence-based health policies. Some of our clients are World Bank, NUFFIC, USAID, BPJS Kesehatan, and other donor organizations. Besides, the KP-MAK Center also contributes to capacity building efforts through various training for students, practitioners and policymakers at various levels. In carrying out its activities, the KP-MAK Center takes a participatory and collaborative approach with various parties both domestically and abroad. More information visit: