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The development of information system in health field need to have progress time to time, considering the rapid growth of technology and the increasing of health data demands. Graduates of Masters of Public Health in Health Information System will answer the need of society for health data and information system. This program is a perfect blend of public health management field and information system technology.

Students will learn good amount of public health knowledge and skills needed to put issues about current health on information system. This program goal is designed to increase service excellence in health information system, expanding general understandings on health and information system, including bioinformatics and clinical information system.

We also aim to explore strategic involvement of health information system for research purposes, as well building new prototypes needed to improve health information system in general.

General information

Start date August
Application timeline click here
Intake 2019 15 students
Study duration 18-24 months
Program types Full time, Part-time (Yogyakarta and Jakarta)
Title earned Masters of Public Health (MPH)

You will learn basic public health masters courses discipline followed by set of subjects in health information systems. By the end of the study, you must write mandatory thesis that perform your ability in quantitative, qualitative, and/ór mixed method design in able to have research-based practitioner graduates. You will also have a chance to practice what you learn in an internship or field analysis. Some of the courses you will attend such as:

  • Health Informatics
  • Geographical Information System for Public Health
  • Database and Data Warehouse
  • Planning, Developing, and Evaluation of Information System
  • Decision Making Systems for Health Organization
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Coding for Health Classification and Terminology (optional)
  • Surveillance Information System (optional)
  • Bioinformatics (optional)
dr. Lutfan Lazuardi, MPH, PhD Health Informatics
Dr (candidate) Anis Fuad, S.Ked, DEA Surveillance Information System, Hospital Information System.
Dr (candidate) dr.Guardian Yoki Sanjaya, M.HlthInfo Hospital Information System

The program goal is targeting students who aspires to be the developer and reformer of health information systems in important health care services, in the government, and other health policymaking agencies. Graduates may become the health informatics practitioners in hospital management, also database expert and data scientist in the National or Regional Health Department. This program is also fitted for students who pursue career as researcher and lecturer in the field.

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Masters of Public Health (MPH)


Full time, Part-time (Yogyakarta and Jakarta)